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Welcome to IGD Building Services!

We are a team of builders and home renovators who have turned their vocation into profession. We cover Surrey county area, UK. For many years we have had one priority: to eliminate the stress of overhauls from our customers’ shoulders. According to reviews, we are doing great so far.

Not only do we have the expertise to doll up a house but we put our heart into it.

Because we care.

We bring loads of energy and new ideas into each project. That said, we put your needs first and we hear what you say.

Would you rather go with a stylish home or are vintage vibes your cup of tea? We’ll make it happen. Or maybe you want to give your place a touch of sweetness. And why not impart a royal look to it so it matches your fancy personality?

Whatever design you picture in your mind, we will go to great lengths to facilitate it.

We have always loved bringing out the best of each colour. With our painting and decorating service, it is easier than ever to tone down the brightness of your walls, introduce an entirely new colour that blends well with the interior, or make everything more vivid and sparkly.

Looking to spruce up the busiest room in your home? We’ve got ideas for that. Just give our kitchen renovation a chance. We are also happy to offer full bathroom revamps because nothing feels like snugging in a spa-like bathroom after a long day of running errands in town.

But we don’t do just kitchens and bathrooms. We offer help with other building and decorating jobs around the house. Most people feel overwhelmed with home makeovers, but we don’t.

That’s why they come to us, usually with a handful of questions on their minds, like: “What flooring options is it best to use? How do I fit all of our belongings in a small place? Where do I start? Will this blow my budget?”

We hear you and we know that turning your home upside down is a challenge in and of itself. The added burden of planning a budget and matching furniture with the walls is just a further annoyance that you have to deal with.

But worry no more. At IGD, we offer to implement all these steps for you so you don’t have to. We commit to our projects, completing each service on time and we promise highest standards of quality.