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Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating - We all want our home to be a reflection of our style and personality. To do that we put a lot of effort into renovating, in interior design, furnishing, and decorating as well. To create the most perfect space for us we shouldn’t neglect one of the most important factors to a home – the colour. Achieving that colour may not be simple. Here’s where our team at IGD Building can help you with. The services related to painting and decorating walls and ceilings are in great demand among our customers.

IGD Building is a contractor and painter company that offers a wide range of renovation services including major home renovations, small repairs as well as kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, loft conversions, and painting. We also offer painting and decorating services and commercial painting of high quality. Changing the colour can significantly change the look and feel of the room. So if you want your home or office to feel refreshed, different, or just comfortable, give us a call! Our painters and decorators will turn your house into a dream home that reflects your personality and one that makes you feel relaxed and happy.

What line of painting work do we cover?

Our team of painters and decorators cover both interior painting and exterior painting in commercial painting and residential painting. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to repaint too. Our team of painters and decorators' high standard of work will make sure you’re happy with the final work. Remember, high quality decorating hides in attention to detail.

Exterior painting and decorating depend on the season and the temperature outside, as well as the type of surface to be painted. Our team of painters will decide what paint will be most suitable for exterior painting after inspecting the site.

Interior painting and decorating can be done year-round, so you don't have to worry about the season. But you need to maintain a temperature that will allow the paint to dry faster. Our team of painters will inspect and offer the most suitable paint for your interior.

What’s the difference between commercial and residential painting?

We offer both commercial and residential decorating services. Commercial painting refers to working on commercial establishments and businesses such as factories, restaurants, or hotels. Residential painting, on the other hand, refers to home and house projects. Compared to a commercial one, residential projects usually require less planning because the size of residential buildings is not as big.

Painting and decorating

How do we start a painting project?

The first step to painting and decorating job begins with a visit to the site. Our painters will inspect in detail all the rooms or walls and will determine the next step. At this stage, you can ask them all the questions you have about painting such as what paint are they going to use and why. It’s important for you to stay informed as well so that the end result is as closer to your expectations.

Our painters will consult you about the paints that are most suitable for your project – from the brand to their characteristics and which one would be the best for your place. After that, you should make a decision about it.

Painting Step-by-step

The second step to painting and decorating is collecting the furniture and pack it, if necessary, glue the floor and corners, as well as all other things that we do not want to paint. Then, our painters will dismantle the switches, sockets, and lighting fixtures.

Sometimes it is necessary to prime the surface before the paint, and in the presence of larger holes, plaster is applied to achieve absolute smoothness. Primers can strengthen the wall or ones that create a better connection between the old paint and the new one. You can also make a fine putty.

Finally, our painters will apply the paint. This can be done with a bear and a brush or by spraying. For painting in individual rooms, entire apartments, and houses we use a paint roller and a brush, as it is more precise.

Exterior Painting and Decorating Services

As mentioned earlier, the exterior painting and decorating can be complex. The quality of the paint depends a lot on temperatures and weather conditions as well as the exterior material. Not only that but it’s also crucial that the painters and decorators are experienced and know how to determine problems of the exterior. An experienced painter, such as our team of painters and decorators, know that different materials require different painting solutions. Our specialists will determine whether the exterior needs to be repaired before the decorating takes place or whether they need to apply an additional coating to the walls. Our painters will investigate any problems on the exterior and suggest applicable solutions.

Interior Painting Services

Whether you want an interior painting for your own home or for your business, our painters are here to help. It’s optimal to repaint your home every 5-8 years and your office space every 1-3 years. Wherever you choose to get painting and decorating services, our team of painters will do their best to provide the service you need. Our painters will work according to your plan and personal schedule so you don’t lose any time while the painting or repainting is taking place. There are many important factors when it comes to interior painting, and experienced painters know all about them. Our painters will give suggestions on what type of paint – gloss or not, for example – would be best for your place.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction

To achieve the best possible results with our decorating services, there are several important factors to consider: the painting technique, the preparation for painting, the tools used during the painting, and the painter’s skills.

• The painting technique will vary for each brand and product. The drying time is determined by each manufacturer, as well as the recommended tools. Depending on the product, it is determined how, where, and how to apply it, how much to dilute, and how.

• Preparing the surface before painting or decorating is crucial for a good result. A good base is considered to be a smooth, uneven, and absorbent base. If the wall or ceiling is not well plastered and there are gaps, pores, and irregularities, they should be removed with a suitable putty material similar to the base. It is absolutely mandatory that the base before painting with latex and other paints is clean, without dust, without greasy stains and not wet or damp.

• The painting tools are very different and are determined by the material, the painting surface, and the effect you want to achieve. Different paints and products require different types of rollers and brushes for maximum effects, such as paint rollers made of pigskin, sheepskin, fabric, foam, and others.

• And last, but not least, the skills of the painter are an important factor for quality painting. Our painters and decorators respect the manufacturer's recommendations, follow the technology, and, of course, be skilled and have the skills and experience.

How to find a painter and decorator?

Finding the right painters and decorators for your office or home may not be as easy as it seems. If you’re currently looking for a painter and decorator, you probably already know this. Here are some of our tips on how to find a local painter and decorator:

1. Ask your friends and family for advice. It’s very likely that your friends or family have used decorating services at one point in their life. Asking them about painter and decorators is a good place to start your search.

2. Look for decorators with good reviews online. There are plenty of websites where you read reviews of decorating services in the UK. Check some of them out and find decorators that can help you.

3. Get several quotes from the decorating company and try your best to communicate to the decorators all of your goals and ideas about the place.

4. Ask your decorators and contractors about the materials. Who’s going to source them? What about transportation? These are all serious questions that need attention.