Bathroom renovation

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Bathroom renovation - we at IGD Building Services are a fully-certified business located in Surrey dedicated to providing the best possible care for our client’s homes. IGD Building works on both major home renovation work and smaller repair ones as well. We at IGD Building hope that we can make your home improvements process stress-free and easy. We provide kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, extensions, loft conversions, and renovating specialists. Quality is the most important thing clients look out for and we try our best to provide it. Here is the list of services we provide during a bathroom refurbishment service.

Bathroom design service & renovation

The bathroom is where you start your day, where you get ready, where you end your day, and where you get “unready”. It’s certainly one of the most used rooms in your house. The bathroom is one of the most popular places for renovation as well. Bathroom renovation work is no easy task, as it needs much attention to detail and even engineering to make sure that your bathroom is functional and safe to use.

We can provide all styles you can think of - luxury bathrooms and more low-budget yet quality bathrooms. We will make sure that we create your dream bathroom based on your needs, lifestyle, interior design, and decorating goals.

You probably have any questions regarding the bathroom installation and renovation process – about the services a bathroom renovation contractor company provides and to what extent they carry out the renovation. Does a contract company design the bathroom? What can I expect? What about decoration? Well, if you work with separate interior designers or decorators our team will follow it. But if you don’t want or have a designer, the contract company can go in, inspect and give you a brief idea about what needs to be renovated. For your own comfort, it’s best to discuss all details of the bathroom renovation with our teams such as costs, process, and schedule, what materials are going to be used or if you need additional permits. Our team is here to help!


Here are the services we provide for a bathroom renovation:


Before we start with the bathroom refurbishment process, we will discuss all of your ideas about your future bathroom as well as possible solutions to any problems you might have at the moment. We will make a suitable plan for the bathroom which will include all changes to be made – from lighting to cabinetry installment. Your choice matters when it comes to bathroom design and style. Our job is to listen to your taste and provide the bathroom remodel you want with quality and workmanship.

Cleaning and Demolition

Before the whole bathroom renovation process starts its important to remove all personal belongings out of the bathroom as well as any piece of bathroom furniture. If you want to use the furniture again then it has to be removed very carefully. The same goes for all breakable décor from glass, for example. After that, our team will remove the old bath, toilet, and sink. After removing all of that, our team will begin the demolition process by removing the tiles of the walls and floor. Any drywall will also be removed. This is a task you could do by yourself but it’s advisable to hire professionals who can remove everything safely with minimum risk of injury. Also, our team will prepare the walls by pulling the nails out of the wall. This is often a work process that requires professional attention and personal protective equipment to protect the contractors from any dust.

Wire Works

In some cases, we’d need to change the wires in the bathroom too. That’s the case in older homes because the wires can age and damage. That’s why when our team upgrades the lighting system or adds more lights (for example in the shower or the vanity) we also connect more wires. That has to be absolutely done by a professional to minimize any risks. Sometimes even the whole electrical panel would need to be upgraded or changed because of the additional wires. That’s a very important step that needs to finish before the walls are completed.

Plumbing Work

A huge step in every bathroom renovation is updating and installing the plumbing system. Newer bathrooms won’t require updating the plumbing connections but drainage rough-ins would. That happens through the main pipeline connected at your bathroom. This is one of the most important steps, so you’d want to work with a qualified professional who can do everything mistake-free.

Drywall Installing

Before completing the walls, our team will install drywall into them. That’s important because the level of humidity in the bathroom is usually higher than in other rooms and regular drywall won’t be suitable. For bathrooms, it’s best to use waterproof drywall so that the humidity doesn’t transfer into the walls. After that our team will mud and tape the drywall. After all of that, the wall will be ready to be completed and put tiles or paint them.

Tiles Installation

Tiles are one of the most popular choices for bathroom walls and floors. There are so many options for floor tiles you can choose from, and create the design you want. As far as the design and color of the wall tiles (or the floor ones) – it’s all your choice. Once you chose the style of the tiles, our team of bathroom fitters and tilers will make sure they are installed properly and smoothly in your new bathroom.

Installing toilets and more electrical fixtures

With the bathroom renovations finishing up, there are still some things that need more attention. During this step of the bathroom renovations process, our team of experienced bathroom fitters will install the toiler, shower, bathtub, extractor fan, and sink and connect them to the existing pipes. Also, we’re going to fix the electrical as well. While the plumbing is something you can do by yourself, we’d like to give you the advice to hire a professional to do all that because even small mistakes can lead to big trouble such as floods. And the electrical – it’s best to stick to a professional to do it.

Placing the furniture and shelves

The final step into the bathroom renovation is to install your cabinets (if you want to have them) and a vanity where you’ll keep all of your personal items like cosmetics or extra towels. We’re going to install your choice of vanity and cabinets. We’re also put the shelves in place. All of that can be done without any professional help but if you want to make sure that everything is installed properly, our team will happily do so.

Cleaning Up

Before showing you the final bathroom, our team will remove any dirt, dust, and any materials left behind after the whole renovation process. We’d want to show you the new bathroom in its finished and proper look.