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Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation - We at IGD Building Services are a fully-certified company located in Surrey dedicated to providing the best possible care for our client’s homes. If you're looking for renovation companies for your next project IGD Building works on both major renovation work and smaller repair ones as well. Whether you want a completely new kitchen or a makeover of your old kitchen, we can help. We hope that we can make your home renovation process stress free and easy. We provide kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, extensions, loft conversions, and renovating specialists. Here is the list of services we provide for a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the most important place in our homes. People often strive to have modern kitchens or just ones that complement the design of the whole house. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so making it as functional as possible is important for everyone. That’s why correcting existing problems and renovating is crucial in making our kitchen comfortable and cozy.

But renovating a kitchen can be stressful. This is where our team at IGD Building can help. We offer many different services during a kitchen renovation and makeover because it’s such a complex task. But we’re here to make the process of renovating your kitchen as smooth and easy as possible. Our team will assess your needs as a client and discuss your goals as well as the budget for the project. This is a sensitive step in every renovation project that needs extra attention before the planning even begins.


With our kitchen renovation service, you can make your kitchen customized for your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Whether you want a traditional, modern, or any other kitchen style, we can make it as you want. The interior design of your new kitchen will be entirely made to fit your taste and practical needs.


At the planning stage of the kitchen renovation projects, we will assess whether the kitchen needs other trades such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or drywall, for example. Kitchen remodelling requires a lot of planning before starting any work. You can decide whether to use the services of renovation contractors or do everything yourself.

Kitchen renovation

Plumbing and Wiring

Our team will also do the plumbing of pipes and wiring if your kitchen needs it. In a lot of cases, kitchens will need some rerouting of the water supply. It's best that professionals do all that because then the risk of mistakes and leaks during the kitchen renovation. Plumbing is a complex work that has some hidden risks that need to be checked out before the kitchen renovation is completed. After the plumbing is completed, the kitchen will be inspected to make sure everything is up to code and safe to work. Of course, you can choose to do the plumbing yourself if you want to.

The wiring can be even more troublesome, especially when it comes to kitchens. Kitchens these days have a lot of wiring and you might need to add more circuits. That’s why during the kitchen renovation process, you’d probably have to do an update to the wiring as well. That too is a job a professional to minimize any risks in the future.

Walls and Ceilings

After all the initial steps and renovation of the plumbing system and the wiring, you’ll step closer to your dream kitchen when we finish the walls and ceilings. That will happen after we make sure everything is up to code. Only then can we close the walls. While doing the walls we can also insulate them too. Besides that, we will also do the painting and taping of the walls according to your choice. The walls can be used to create the perfect style you'd want for your kitchen design.


Right after the walls but before installing the cabinets, our team will take care of the flooring. The floors can be part of the aesthetic decor in your kitchen and are one of the most important steps to kitchen renovation. Our team will make sure the floors you choose will be installed carefully and in a timely manner. Usually, the time of the installation depends on the type of floors you’ve chosen. We can install all sorts of kitchen floors including ceramic tiles, laminate, solid hardwood, sheet vinyl, and engineered wood.

Installing Cabinets

This is one of the last steps to kitchen renovation. The kitchen cabinets need to be installed perfectly flat so having a professional do that is one of the best things you can do for your space.

Installing the countertops would also require professional help – a lot of the materials are very heavy and need to be perfectly installed. The countertops need to be as properly installed as possible because they will be your work surface in your renovated kitchen. Our team can make sure your cabinets and countertops are installed up to standard.

Kitchen Appliances

Before finishing up with the kitchen renovation, our team will install all appliances and finish all remaining plumbing or wiring. We can install the water supply to the refrigerator and dishwasher. Besides that, the remaining work on electrical fixtures will also be done.

Final Touches

If you think there’s something we can fix or you’re not satisfied with, our team is here to correct it. At the final stage, we can fix some scars on the wall or details that don’t fit well, for example. Whatever it is, we will make sure you’re satisfied at the end of the kitchen restoration process. We will also make sure everything is up to standard and safe to work in.