Home Remodelling vs Renovation - What is the Difference

home remodeling vs home renovation

Like the majority of people, you probably also use the terms renovations and remodel interchangeably. This may not seem like a big deal especially if you’ve never thought about a home makeover. But everyone has a time when they want to make a change in their home, whether it is a quick kitchen update or a major house repair. If you also feel like you need to give a new life to your space then you might want to know the difference between the terms "home remodelling" and "home renovation" and how to use them correctly.

Why is it necessary to know the difference? When communicating with your contractor, you'll want to be specific about what changes you want to be made to your home. Furthermore, if you are thinking about selling the property, you should know that a newly renovated home means something different to prospective buyers than a newly remodelled home. Each type of construction also comes with its own set of costs.

What is the difference between home remodelling and home renovation?

The primary difference between remodels and renovations is that home remodelling means to completely change the area including the actual structure, design and functionality, while a home renovation is a process of repairing something without changing the original structure.

We will give you a few examples to make it clear. Let’s say you are thinking about a kitchen makeover where you want to change the floor plan of the kitchen, you want to remove a certain wall to create an open concept design, install new flooring, new kitchen appliances or a kitchen island. In this case, you will need a kitchen remodelling project.

On the other hand, if you are happy with your current kitchen layout but you would like to refresh the space by refacing your kitchen cabinets or update the countertops then you are going to do a kitchen renovation.

As you may guess, the home remodelling project will be more expensive than the home renovation project. On the other hand, house renovation tends to offer a better return on investment (ROI) when compared to house remodel. This is because renovations cost less and involve repairing and improving a home's basic features that can bump up its selling price.

What is included in home remodelling?

The basic steps of home remodelling include demolition, rebuilding, mechanicals, walls, flooring, furnisher, appliances and final touches. Of course, you may not have to cover all of these steps for your particular project. You may just want to remodel one specific room or maybe extend the loft. Also, it is important to note that remodelling and renovation go hand in hand. Every remodelling project usually includes renovation too. For instance, if you are removing a wall in your kitchen then you probably will need to renovate the cabinetry and repaint the room.

What is included in home renovation?

Home renovation may include a lot of elements depending on what you want to achieve and how much you are ready to spend on your project. One of the cheapest ways to renovate your home is to repaint the walls with a new fresh colour. The other changes you can make to improve your home include replacing the old furniture (or repair them), changing the lighting, installing a new kitchen or restoring some parts of the kitchen such as refacing cabinets, changing the hardware or the countertops. This list might be really long and if you dig on the internet you will find an abundance of home renovation ideas and tips.

How much does home remodelling & renovation cost in the UK?

Considering that both types of projects remodelling and renovation go hand in hand, we will take a look at their prices together.

First of all, you need to understand that it is difficult to set a price for remodelling or renovation of a house. There are so many factors that will affect the cost and they need to be considered before roughly calculate it. But if you are looking for a guide you can expect to pay between £40000 and £80000 for a 3-bedroom home.

As there are so many potential costs to consider, it's best to start by making a list of the jobs you think need to be done on your property. Here we will look at the prices of the most common renovation projects.


kitchen remodeling in progress in Surrey

Let’s start with the kitchen which is actually one of the most desired areas for home renovations. It is estimated that the average cost of a brand new kitchen in the UK is around £8000. Most people spend around £10000 and £20000 on kitchen renovations. But, if you are considering a major kitchen remodel where you want to change the actual form of the kitchen then the price may go up to £25000. You shouldn’t forget to calculate the labour costs as well. Average hourly rates for kitchen fitters are in the range of £20 - £25. Keep in mind that this price may vary in different areas in the UK.


surrey home renovator installing tiles in bathroom

In case you are thinking about bathroom renovation then you should budget around £7000 and £10000. This applies to small to medium-sized bathrooms. The larger the bathroom, the higher the price. If you are considering just a few bathroom improvements such as changing the bath, shower, toilet and taps then you may fit in a budget of £1000. On the other hand, a full high-end bathroom renovation done by a professional contractor can end up costing as much as £15000.


home renovator in surrey installing wallpaper in bedroom

Bedroom renovation might be not as expensive as the kitchen and bathroom projects. However, if you want a high-end bedroom or master suite that includes a walk-in wardrobe then it will require a higher outlay - around £40000. In contrast, a small bedroom renovation that involves just changing the flooring and furniture may only require a budget of as little as £3000.

Loft conversion

Converting the loft into usable space can be a great way to incorporate valuable square footage into the house's layout without taking over your outdoor space. However, you need to understand that it can be an expensive project as it often requires complex construction. Depending on the structural requirements, the area, and accessibility the price of loft conversion may vary between £30000 and £60000. The loft conversion is typically a major project so it is always best to seek professional help. The labour cost can be anywhere between £25 - £40 per hour.

Is it better to build or remodel a house?

First of all, it depends on your preferences. If you like the area and community you live then it might be better to keep the house and consider remodeling it. The second thing you need to take into account is the budget. Of course, the building project will be more expensive than remodeling. Even a more extensive home improvement project will be cheaper than starting over. When you remodel an existing structure, you avoid all foundation, framing, and other initial construction costs that are required when building from scratch.

So, we can say that from a financial point of view, remodelling seems to be a better solution. However, building a new house has its benefits too. It allows you to customize the space, implement modern materials and smart technology. For many people, moving into a new house means a new, better life. However, taking such a big step requires careful thought.

To help you make this important decision we will look at the benefits of both building and remodelling a house.

Benefits of home remodelling

  • It is cheaper and may deliver a very nice return on investment.
  • When you are remodelling, your impact fees will be lower because it is an established home.
  • You have already paid your impact fees.
  • Older homes usually have larger outdoor spaces.
  • Compared to building a new house, remodelling will be much less time-consuming.

Benefits of building a new house

  • You can customize every space of the house. There are many design elements that can be tailored to your own taste and needs.
  • You can install advanced home technology such as cutting edge alarm systems, energy savings appliances, build-in speakers and so on.
  • It’s a new beginning. Moving into a new house comes with new a new community and amenities. 

Why you should hire a professional renovation contractor?

No matter you are planning a full house remodel or a smaller repair job you will need the help of specialists. Here is why.

  • They will help you personalize your home the exact way you want.
  • They are your go-to source for everything
  • Professional renovators provide all the services you need to complete a home improvement project.
  • You tell them what you want to be done and they will take care of arrangements from there.
  • They have home improvement skills and know the best way to get things done.
  • A professional remodelling company will not only complete your renovations quickly but safely as well. The safety of any home renovation project is key, but it becomes even more critical for redesigns that require electrical or structural work. 

Professional home renovators are there to help you create a plan of action and choose the right elements to make your dream a reality. So it is always worth hiring such specialists.