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At first glance, choosing a paint colour for the exterior of your house or the walls in the living room is not a difficult task at all. However, when we face a huge colour palette of different shades, we suddenly want to paint our house in a nice grey or deep russet, which in fact does not go to any other element of the exterior. Such a dilemma arises mainly because we consider the colour paint of the exterior separately, without considering it with the environment that surrounds our property. The same goes for the walls inside your house - you may want a nice wall in pink in the living room, but do you think this paint colour will match your furniture?

We all want the design of our home to reflect our personality and make it feel like the perfect place, full of comfort and peace. To make it easier for you to choose paint colours for both interior and exterior design, we assembled a home renovation and improvement guide based on researches on the Internet and inspiring photos on Pinterest. Here you will find some exterior painting and decorating ideas as well as the bedroom and living room paint ideas. And what intriguing design would you bet on?

Exterior painting ideas

The first impression that will be made for your home and for yourself too, depends a lot on the interior design. It looks like it is easier to style the living room or bedroom - even a person who is not an interior designer and does not understand anything about that will find a lot of materials, pictures and ideas for interior design. But what to do for the exterior of your house?

No, we are not going to persuade you to paint the exterior of the house red or light yellow, but we will give you more information about the last trends as well as some of the most popular paint colours for 2020. We will also give you some ideas that will definitely affect your choice!

How do I choose paint colours for my house?

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Ideally, the design, both inside and outside, should match your personality and preferences. But it turns out that this is not the only thing that determines the exterior paint colour.

The style of the exterior more often sets the style of its interior, for example, the interior in Victorian style suggests the same design from the outside. Another issue is when the property is located in a holiday village. In this case, the developer sets the exterior style and homeowners have no choice but to stick to it.

As for the choice of paint colour, designers have the theory of "feminine", "masculine" or "neutral" interior in the living room or bedroom, the same goes for the exterior. Young married couples are more likely to choose lighter tones. Very often the choice is affected by memories associated with vacation - they want colours like white, light blue or sand. Women usually like red and pink, velvety surfaces and graceful decorative elements. Men normally choose brown and dark tones. If there is a choice, the paint colour will match the personality, preferences and even the gender of the people living in it.

So, how to choose the exterior paint colour? In the initial stage of choosing it is very convenient to use special programs or online services that allow you to choose the colour of the walls, doors, windows, roof and decide whether you like the colour combination. In the next step, we advise you to find high-quality painters and decorators available in your area. They will inspect in detail your house and will consult you about the paints that are more appropriate for your home.

Stay true to the classics

Think of your home not as an isolated unit, but as part of a common hospitable space that unites at least a few houses or even the entire neighbourhood. Here we do not mean to make your home similar to the next one. But match the colour of its exterior with its surroundings, so that in the end the structure does not look too extravagant or comical. If, for example, your property is located in a neighbourhood, where most of the houses are in grey and brown shades, stay true to this predominant colour range and bet on pleasant beige tones. In this way, your home will fit perfectly into the appearance of the neighbourhood, and if it is surrounded by vegetation, the neutral shades will stand out extremely nicely.

Match the proportions of the building with the choice of colours

When choosing a paint colour for both the interior and exterior of your home, always take into account the size and proportions of the building. Think about whether you would like to visually lengthen it or make it more artistic, even with the risk that it will look smaller or not fit the other buildings in the area. If you are renovating the outside part of your mountain house, for example, you can afford to be more creative with the choice of paint colours. A good option is to bet on dark grey shades for the exterior, which will create the impression of a more luxurious and more elegant home. However, this idea is successfully applied especially in homes with large windows to balance the dark and saturated colours. Another important clarification is to combine the dark tones of the exterior with some lighter and complementary shades that will make your home more visually appealing.

Are you looking for budget outdoor paint?

The complete renovation of the exterior of the house and the other elements that complement it gives you the opportunity to show imagination in the choice of colours and materials. However, if you are looking for a low-budget solution to partially refresh the look of your house, you need to consider a few things. First of all, pay attention to the type and colour of the roof. Just imagine the bright red-tiled roof combined with the orange exterior of the house. Add to this prominent combination wooden windows and we guarantee that the first impression created by your home will be ruined, no matter how much you care about the condition of the yard or garden. That is why it is important to take a good look at all those elements of the exterior that you will not replace at this stage. This includes not only the roof but also the windows, doors and even the shed. Create a more beautiful and inspiring setting in which all the elements complement each other, not interfere.

Seek help from specialists

professional painter and decorator painting window

More often when repairing a home we try to buy the materials and products as early as possible, and in the process of work, we find that we have missed small but extremely important details. To avoid such an unpleasant development, create a complete concept for the appearance of the house. You should start planning with those items that you might find harder to change later. When you go to the nearest store to get the necessary products for painting, you should be aware of all elements and details. That is why it is important to seek help from a specialist who can offer you the best solution for the exterior of the house, in accordance with its location and peculiarities. This way you will save both time and money.

What colour houses sell the fastest?

If you are planning to sell your house, in addition to the interior design and colour of the walls, it is good to pay attention to its exterior. Keep in mind that this is the first thing buyers will see. Neutral colours are always a good choice if you are going to sell the property. Bright colours that you find more interesting might turn away potential buyers. So be careful with that. Аmong the other paint colours you can bet on without fear of making a mistake are white, putty, light blue, grey or blue-grey.

What are the most popular exterior house colours for 2020?

Аccording to our research, some of the most popular exterior colours for 2020 are:

  • earth tones;
  • black;
  • white or combination of black and white;
  • bold red;
  • light blue.

Interior wall paint colours

woman comparing colours on wall before painting interior walls

The colours of the walls are considered as important in the interior as the furniture. And sooner or later we begin to think that there is a more suitable paint colour for the walls in the rooms. Here are some tips and ideas that might be helpful when painting the walls when doing kitchen renovation, sitting room or your bedroom.

  • Each colour must have its purpose. The dining room is where you usually start your day and that's why it should have sunny, cheerful shades, while the bedroom is the place to relax - so use soft tones that will soothe your eyes. Painting the walls in one colour is a good idea because it makes the space visually larger. In addition, if you decide to use white you will not go wrong, because it is a classic colour that gives a more modern look to the room. White paint may have many pros, however, painting all rooms in the same colour might be a little bit boring.
  • When making your choice, you need to consider whether you want your space to look warm, cosy and comfortable or maybe you want something cold. Although dark, saturated colours visually make the room look smaller, they give a feeling of cosiness. They can be a very good choice if you want a backdrop for family antiques in the living room. Another decision to make is if you want your room to look higher or wider. This solution will be crucial if you are going to use vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls.
  • One of the fashion trends in home painting is the use of walls as an accent - feature wall. This is a great way to add some bright and bold hue to spaces and uplift your mood. The accent wall, look perfect as a backdrop for a gallery wall in the living space.

How to create an accent wall in the living room or bedroom?

It's very simple. Get a colourful, bold tone that is too light to use for entire walls and a neutral shade for the rest of the walls. Choose accessories or a bedroom set to match the colour of the accent. If you are not brave enough for this idea, use the lighter version. Once you have done the colour for the rest of the walls, choose a deeper shade of that colour for a slight contrast. When choosing the best colour for a small room, consider either pastel shades (which will add a more cosy and warm feeling), or rich (but not too dark) tones. Usually, light shades make the room look bigger. Keep in mind it is always better to consult an experienced interior designer.

Living room paint ideas

  • Living room in dark blue. Making your living room in dark blue can be the top of your home. The coolness that the blue shades bring to the decor of the room may completely transform the space, filling the atmosphere with more individuality and creativity. Using a dark blue colour in combination with a white side table or white sofa, you can create a truly contrasting and dynamic interior. Properly placed accents make it possible to saturate the room with colour and contrast, even at minimal cost for renovation and furnishing of the room.
  • Mint Living Room. This is a very interesting and fresh paint colour. The thing about it is that, like other bright colours, this one should be combined carefully either with neutral colours or with colours from its colour range. Otherwise, you risk the opposite effect.
  • Cream living room. Warm colours usually make the living room look nice and cosy. A more interesting combination for example is the use of cold colours, such as blue on the carpet with warm orange colour in the curtains and pillows. Golden brown, beige or dark brown will bring a lot of warmth and comfort to your living room.
  • Muted green. Green wall in your living room can be the splash of life that you need in your home.
  • Choose your colour that will best reflect your mood, combine it with the furniture and decoration in the living room so that it makes you smile. If you are ready with your choice, entrust this task to specialists who can also give you advice on the colour combination in your living room.

Bedroom paint colours ideas

  • Neutral paint colours. With walls painted in a more neutral colour, such as beige or brown, you could put almost any colour accents to refresh the space. Whether you choose to buy a new pillow with a floral motif and make a larger purchase as a chest of drawers in pale pink - you choose. One thing is for sure, with this colour combination you could easily transform a room into a children's room, for example.
  • Lilac. Lavender works very well especially in bedrooms thanks to its soft colour with cool hue. You will go to bed every night, feeling calm and cosy. And since it is a cool colour, you will find that it matches very well with other cool colours like green and blue.
  • Light grey. Grey shades, clean lines, knitted accessories - this is a very suitable option for the bedroom. The colour would look very nice in the living room as well.

What is the most popular wall colour for 2020?

When it comes to the most popular wall colours for 2020, we found out that classic blue, burnt orange, white blush, hunter green are among the favourite shades. One of the most popular living room paint colours this year is white. Lilac, khaki green, light grey, ice blue are the colour trends for bedrooms.

We hope you found the information in this article useful! If you liked our article, make sure to check our guide on bathroom decoration and how to find the best contractor for your home renovation project.